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      Powerslide Next

      Thankyou, Next! The Powerslide Next is the first of it's kind - the first Trinity 3-point mounting hardshell inline skate in the world. The Next skate is loaded with unique features that unleash it's full potential. It's the urban skate you've all been dreaming of. This innovative skate is able to deliver unrivalled performance benefits for commuting, slides, jumps, stair riding, slalom, fitness, SUV and even aggressive skating. The NEXT is Powerslide's most technically advanced hardboot skate yet. 
      Powerslide Next Core Black 110 Inlines
      Powerslide Next White Black 90 Inlines
      Powerslide Next Rose 100 Inlines
      Powerslide Next Grey/Lavender 100 Inlines
      Powerslide Next Core Black 80 Inlines
      Powerslide Next Core Black 100 Inlines
      teal grey tri skates
      Powerslide Next Brown 125 Inlines
      Powerslide Next Pro Black 110 Inlines
      Powerslide Next Navy 125 Inlines
      tri inline skates for off road use Sold Out
      Powerslide Next Edge 150 Inline Skates
      white tri skates 125mm On Sale
      $529.00 $559.00