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    Frequently Asked Questions


    I'm coming in to the store to get skates, what should I bring?

    Your own socks! If you're planning on trying on skates or inlines then please BYO socks - the kind you plan to wear when you skate. This will give you a better feel for the skates. If you don't have your own socks you can always purchase some of our super cool socks!


    How long does it take to get fitted out for roller skates/inlines?

    It depends on what you're after, how busy the store is and how decisive you are. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes. Most people take between 30 minutes and 2 hours (even longer sometimes!) to decide on the skates. All feet are different and we have years of experience is determining the best skates for your shape, size and purpose. We are a small business and can offer a full bespoke fitting service for customers looking to purchase skates from us.


    You have a lot of different skates on your website. What's the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive?

    Skates are made up of so many moving components, just like a car or a bike, and are priced according to the quality of the parts. Aside from the construction of the boot and sole - vinyl, leather, microfibre, suede, carbon fibre, fibreglass, wood composite etc - there is also the frame or plate, bearings and wheels to take into account. Entry level skates tend to have a cheaper quality (slower rolling) bearing and cheaper quality wheels (not all urethanes are equal). We carefully curate all our skates and only stock good quality brands that we have or would use ourselves. 


    What even is a "Fresh Meat Pack" and do I need one?

    Fresh Meat Packs include everything you need to start playing roller derby including roller skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, mouth guard and helmet. If you're not planning on playing roller derby you probably don't need a fresh meat pack but you are welcome to buy one if you like.

    I deffo need to buy a Fresh Meat Pack. Do I need an appointment?

    No need to make an appointment, just pop into the store and we can help. If you're just after some general info we can give you advice and if you're ready to make a purchase from us we will happily fit you out. If you're purchasing a fresh meat pack it does take a minimum of 45 minutes to get completely kitted out in gear that fits you right, so allow yourself enough time. Most people take between 45 minutes and 2 hours (sometimes longer!) to be fitted for a Fresh Meat Pack. Please BYO socks and wear comfortable clothing like shorts or leggings (not jeans or track pants as they are too restrictive for fitting knee pads). 


    Where are you located?

    839 Beaufort Street, Inglewood (corner of Seventh Ave and Beaufort Street). There is street parking available on Beaufort Street or nearby side streets.


    I have never skated before in my LIFE. Should I choose inlines or quad skates? 

    If you have never tried skating before we recommend you go and try it out at the local roller rink first to see which type you like before committing to new skates. Rinks have inlines and quad skates for hire and you can try both out when you go. That way you'll know what suits you best before committing to a purchase!


    I have placed an order online, how do I track my shipment? 

    Once you place your order online you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number for the shipping service provided. Depending on the size, weight and destination of your package we will either use Australia Post or a courier service such as Fastways. Either click on the link emailed or visit the websites directly and key in your tracking number. More information on our postage policy can be found here.


    I want to pay with Afterpay or ZipPay. How do I do this?

    We accept both forms of payment in store and online however you need to register and set up your account with Afterpay or ZipPay directly.
    Just navigate to their page and input all your details. Both of these payment options are separate entities to Lucky Skates. If shopping in store then it is best if you register with these companies before visiting us in store so that you know that you have been approved (and what amount you are approved for) prior to shopping/choosing all your gear. There's nothing worse than getting to the counter and finding out that you are not approved for an account with them.

    More details about Afterpay can be found here. Please note: Afterpay does not approve 100% of applicants.
    More details about ZipPay can be found here. Please note: ZipPay does not approve 100% of applicants.


    I have ordered custom skates. How long will they take?

    We offer custom skates as a service to our customers as the custom fee is kept entirely by the company manufacturing them. In our experience, custom skates can take anywhere between 2-5 months to be completed and arrive in store. It really depends on the brand, time of year and how many other customs have been sent to the company. Keep in mind they could have thousands of boots to make. Once the custom order is complete and sent to the manufacturer it is out of our hands as to how long the process will take as they are being made in another country. We will do all that we can to track the order and inform you when they are completed but please be patient with us during this process.

    I have questions not answered here. Help!

    No worries! Just send us an email to hello@luckyskates.com.au. You can also give us a call on (08) 6150 9468 and we will help you out.

    What are your open hours?

    You can check out our open hours here.