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    Padding and Helmet Sizing

    Measure up and check the size charts before you place an order for helmet or padding.

    Different brands are sized differently so don't assume that a small in one helmet is the same as a small in a different brand.

    Please keep in mind that a lot of the skate padding is sized to fit men's shaped knees and elbows so it is pretty common for adult women to be larger in the knee (thick thighs save lives, people) and smaller in the elbow. For example I wear an XL in the knee and a M elbow.

    We have provided sizing charts and instructions in the product description of each item so please refer to them.

    Or contact us for help and we can talk you through it.

    Skate Sizing

    Different skates and blades are differently sized so please don’t assume that you are the same size as your last pair, particularly if they were a different brand or type.

    Also, don’t assume you are the same size as the hire skates you have been wearing!

    Most roller skates and some inline skates come in US men’s sizing, so you must, must, must measure up before buying skates.

    We prefer to use US sizing when it comes to roller skates as it is the most similar fit to Australian sizes. 

    If you prefer to use a different fit - ie UK - please check and double check the size charts or contact us before ordering.

    We have provided sizing charts in the product description of each item so please use them.

    Size charts depict the exact length of the insole - heel to toe. If you want a bit of room in the skate (which most people do) then you should add the amount of room you want.

    Or contact us for help and we can talk you through it.

    (Psst: We would rather you contact us for help with sizing than buy the wrong size from us and have to pay the postage to return it.)

    Download our guide on measuring your feet here.


    Every brand of skate uses a different boot last. The last is the shape and width of the sole.

    Riedell has four main lasts: Alpha D/D, Beta D/D last, Gamma D/B and Delta B/AA last. The letters in the last refers to width, the higher the letter, the wider the boot. They range from AA (narrowest) to D (widest). The new Solaris boot is a new last which is a C/AA last - known as a Contour Fit.

    Original Antik boots are made on a D/B last which means a D width ball and a B width heel. The most recent Antik boots have an Ergo Form last and allow more width at the front of the foot.

    Bont lasts are handmade to the shape of a regular foot.

    Generally speaking, Riedells have a more narrow last, Sure-Grips and Bonts are wider and the new Antik boots have an Ergo Form last.

    If you have particularly narrow, wide or differently shaped feet then trying on skates is recommended.

    Measuring Your Feet

    To figure out the proper boot length, stand on a flat surface. We recommend doing this in the socks you normally wear when skating.

    Place your heel against a wall and stand on a piece of paper.

    Have a friend trace around your feet, one at a time.

    It is best to do this measurement with both feet because one foot is usually (9 times out of 10) slightly longer than the other.

    Pretty much everyone has one foot longer than the other. Yes, even you!

    Take a ruler and measure from heel to longest toe. This is commonly the first or second toe. Measure both feet.

    Choose your skate size based on the size of the longest foot. You can always pad out the smaller foot but you wont be able to make your longer foot smaller without cramping.

    Don't forget the size chart indicates the exact length of the inside of the boot.

    Most people prefer to have at least 5mm of room between the end of their toes and the end of the boot but this is up to your personal preference.

    Any questions, just ask.

    You can also download our guide here then send us the form via email and we can discuss sizing.