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      Bont Roller Skates

      At Lucky Skates we use and recommend Bont Roller Skates. Bont was founded in Sydney in 1975 by Inze Bont, a recreational short track ice speed skater who decided to fiberglass the back of his leather speed skates to gain more support. Bont quickly became the world's largest producer of ice speed skates and then branched out into inline speed skates, quad speed skates, roller derby skates, and long track speed skates. Known for their lightness and ergonomic shape, Bont offers a range of skates so you can skate faster for longer. Models include the Prostar, Parkstar, Hybrid, Vaypor and Quadstar. Because Bont skates are a wider fitting skate and made to a foot shape rather than a dress shoe shape they do tend to be more comfortable for most people, including those with wide feet.