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      Impala Roller Skates

      Impala Roller Skates makes fashion roller skates in a range of colours and patterns available at Lucky Skates. Skate the sidewalk in a new pair of skates in options such as classic white, black, pink, aqua, sky blue and forest green. Or make a statement in holographic, midnight, tartan, floral Cynthia Rowley, rose gold Marawa, pastel fade, leopard or Harmony.
      white skates roller
      high top retro black roller skates, black laces, black wheels
      high top retro rollerskates teal, peach laces, teal wheels On Sale
      $149.00 $159.00
      holographic silver retro high top roller skates, blue glitter laces wheels
      pastel pink retro high top roller skates, pink outdoor 82a wheels, pink toe stop, yellow laces
      Sky Blue Impala Roller Skates
      rose gold hologrphic artistic hightop retro roller skate, cream marble outdoor 82a wheels, cream laces toestops 'Impala' On Sale
      $169.00 $179.00
      leopard print artistic hightop retro roller skate, red wheels, black skate laces 'Impala'
      pastel fade ombre retro high top roller skates, lavender outdoor 82a wheels, lavender toe stop, rainbow laces On Sale
      $159.00 $169.00
      high top retro cream floral roller skates, floral  laces, floral wheels
      lime green rollerskates On Sale
      $129.00 $160.00
      high top retro forest green roller skates, cream laces, cream wheels
      Plum Impala Roller Skates