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      Chaya Skates

      Pronounced KAIYA, the Chaya skate brand offers some of the cutest skates around in a range of skating levels - from beginners to advanced.
      Chaya Vintage Pink Laser Roller Skates
      Chaya Melrose Black Pink Roller Skates
      Chaya Melrose Elite Sherbet Lime Roller Skates
      Chaya Jump 2.0 White Skates
      Chaya Melrose Elite Love Is Love Roller Skates
      Chaya Melrose Glitter Skates
      Chaya Melrose Deluxe Turquoise Roller Skates
      Chaya Melrose Deluxe Cobalt Roller Skates
      Chaya Vintage Voyager Roller Skates *Last Pair* EU 37
      Chaya Park Kismet Barbie Patin Skates
      Chaya Melrose Black/Pink/Lavender Roller Skates
      Chaya Glide Turquoise Roller Skates
      Chaya Ruby Skate
      Chaya Karma Pro Maroon Skates
      Chaya Melrose Lilac Lavender Skates
      Chaya Melrose White Teal Roller Skates
      chaya roller derby boot
      Chaya Big Softie Wheels 78A 65mm - 4 pack
      Chaya Cloud 9 Wheels 78A 65mm - 4 pack Sold Out
      Chaya Karma Park Grind Plate
      skate protection toe guards Sold Out
      Chaya Sugar Rush Wheels 92A 59mm Sold Out
      Chaya Quicky Trucks Quick Release 8mm
      Chaya Forged Truck Quick Release Clip Axles