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      Impala Lightspeed Skates

      Shop Impala Lightspeed Inlines at Lucky Skates. Famous for their sidewalk roller skates the Impala roller blades keep the same cute aesthetic for those who prefer blading. Choose from classics like pink, sky blue, white, black fluro or show off in the fairy floss, flames, flower power or blue pink.
      Impala Lightspeed Sahara Inline Skates
      Impala Lightspeed Black Inline Skates
      blue pink black 90s inline skates, purple teal cuff, pink laces, pink inline wheels
      white inline rollerblades, retro 90s, teal laces, pink wheels
      pink yellow inline retro skates rollerblades, white frame, pink wheels On Sale
      $179.00 $199.00
      fluro red 90s inline skates, flames, white cuff, red inline wheels, white frame
      light BLUE ROLLERBLADES INLINE SKATES, white cuff, white ladder
      black 90s inline skates, purple teal cuff, teal laces, teal inline wheels On Sale
      $179.00 $200.00
      pastel 90s inline skates, purple cuff, pink laces, blue inline wheels, yellow cuff
      baby blue inline skate wheels 84a 70mm
      pink inline skate wheels 84a, 70mm
      impala inline rollerblade brake pads